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EXHIBITION "Colonizing Africa - Reports on Colonial Public Works in Angola and Mozambique (1875-1975)"

AHU - Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino, Lisboa | 17 Jan - 18 Apr 2019

Opening: 17 Jan, 19h00

Curatorship: Ana Vaz Milheiro

"This exhibition is set on images of the reports produced by the Colonial Public Works over the last 100 years of Portuguese colonization in Angola and Mozambique, which remain stored in the Overseas Historical Archive. It shows 114 images out of 1300 photographs from 64 reports, among hundreds of those produced, aiming to illustrate the last period of Portuguese colonization in Africa, which started at the end of the 19th century. The Public Works reports, albeit being essentially a form of communication between technicians, allow one to retrace some of the dynamics of colonial life and the construction processes of the African landscape produced by the late Portuguese colonization. A built scenario which resulted from economic exploitation, negotiation and power demonstration taken within the logic of colonial governance."

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