Raul Lino - Arquitectura e Paisagem (1900-1948)

Paulo Manta Pereira

Research Group: Cities and Territories

Supervisor(s): Paulo Tormenta Pinto, Ana Vaz Milheiro


In this research on Raul Lino we read its architecture as also the construction of landscape, unusual purpose given that the readings on the author has focused on its domestic architecture. Exceptions have been that contextualize its action and work among peers in the arts, in urban planning or thecul restoration and conservation of cultural heritage, however we refused to foreclosure because the demand discipline of the author covers these and other domains in the same spiritual conception of architecture. Sat down in his purpose of recovery of the landscape, i.e. the recovery of lost continuity between the architecture and its circumstances, the goal of this thesis. We defined the investigation between 1900, when it was published his project of portuguese pavilion for the international exhibition of Paris and 1948, the year that produced the opinion of the protection zone of the National Palace of Sintra, a year before retiring by age limit at the service of the state. This temporal delimitation coincided with important milestones in the history of modern architecture in Portugal. In 1900 Ventura Terra spread among us in the detachment of track progressive averse to tradition and in 1948 the modern orthodoxy with Keil do Amaral to bow, ratified in the theses of the first National Congress of Architecture in 1948, the doctrine of the Athens Charter of 1933. We believe, that this thesis reveals that the landscape in Raul Lino is like yours, lifelong testimony of a work of beauty. This sense that today, in hypermodernity, we urgently need more than ever recover.

Period: ... - 2013

Resources: http://hdl.handle.net/10071/5917

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