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Regeneração urbana em áreas pós-industriais: o caso da zona ribeirinha oriental de Lisboa entre o PD

Ana Nevado

Research Group: Cities and Territories

Supervisor(s): Paula André


The PhD thesis problematizes urban regeneration through the re-functionalization of the urban patrimony, in the light of urban planning and management, using as a case study the eastern riverside area of Lisbon and the public and private interventions carried out in this area. It considers the evolutionary process of the case study and the urban overlap of the territory until the contemporaneity, highlighting the current panorama of urban decline. Temporally, it is by the Master Plan of the Lisbon Region (1964) and by the Municipal Master Plan of Lisbon (1994), parallel to the AML globalization and metropolization phenomena. The Integrated Conservation Plan is explored and prospective ways of managing the contemporary urban space with a municipal approach are explored.

Period: 2011-2017

Resources: N.A.

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