Cities and Territories

This Group focuses its research on the territorial dimensions of contemporary socioeconomic, environmental and cultural change, analysing its complex restructuring mechanisms at the light of their spatiality, their territorial embeddedness and their spatial-morphological dimensions, and framing them in the scope of the promotion of multidimensional sustainable development processes.

The strategy for deepening the knowledge about the dynamics of change in spatial and territorial terms is based on the acknowledgment of the diversity of logics, processes and actors that produce and appropriate these processes. This is always done from a triple perspective, involving (i) the analysis of the "dynamics" themselves; (ii) the understanding of the regulation/planning issues and the aspects related to urban/territorial action and “policy-making"; and (iii), a "reflexive" consciousness of the ways these spaces are worked and studied.


Pedro Costa

Teresa Costa Pinto

Thematic Lines:

2.1. Creativity, Culture and Territory;

2.2. Representations and discourse on architecture and territory;

2.3. Ways of Living, Society and Architectural Culture;

2.4. Recompositions, Metropolitan Change, and Housing;

2.5. Territorial Governance, Spatial Planning and Socio-spatial Intervention;

2.6. Urban Morphology and Sustainability

cities and territories



Recent publications

Public Space, Infrastructure, Landscape: An Interdisciplinary Matrix for Urban Spatial Continuity
Portuguese colonial architectural archives at the Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino
Walking Places
On urban trajectology: algorithmic mobilities and atmocultural navigation
Political Graffiti in Critical Times: The Aesthetics of Street Politics
Political Graffiti in Critical Times: The Aesthetics of Street Politics
Vertical vision and atmocultural navigation. Notes on emerging urban scopic regimes
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