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This site uses cookies to ensure a pack of useful features and ease the site's administration.




Cookies are small text files saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or execute an application. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) sends these cookies back to the website or application on each following visit so that your personal utilization preferences may be identified. Cookies do not damage your system. You may configure your browser to refuse any cookie or warn you when a cookie is being set on your computer.

We use cookies to ensure a pack of useful features and ease our website's administration.

Cookies allow keeping track of your actions on the website to improve your browsing experience.

We do not share this information with third parties.

You may restrict, block or inhibit the use of cookies, for this or any other website, through your browser. Each browser is different so you should verify on "Help" menu which steps to execute in order to change your preferences regarding the use of cookies.

The inhibition, by the user, of the use of cookies, may present an obstacle to navigation and correct interaction with the site's features.

Types of cookies


Cookies we use may be divided in the following categories:

  • Essential cookies: these cookies are essential to the correct work of the website. Without these cookies, some services and options, may not be available. It's the case of cookies which manage authenticated user session. The inhibition of these cookies blocks the access to authenticated content.

  • Functional cookies: these cookies allow us to improve the website use and performance and allow several features. Allow accessing the website with some predefined characteristics according to a pack of decisions taken, as the language used.

  • Analytical cookies: these cookies retrieve information on how you use the website. They help identifying the most visited content on the website. This allows us to adapt the content with focus on your needs and, therefore, provide better features. These cookies do not collect personal data.

Cookies management


Most browsers allow:

  • Visualizing cookies saved on your computer and deleting them individually;

  • Blocking third party cookies;

  • Blocking cookies for specific websites;

  • Blocking all cookies;

  • Delete all cookies when you close your browser

The option to delete cookies implies that all your preferences, accessing your usual websites, are excluded. Please note that, blocking all cookies, will result in many websites not working as they should since some features will not be available.

If you want to know more about cookies and how to administrate or delete them, visit *

* Please note that we cannot be responsible for the content of other websites.

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